Monday, August 31, 2009

What's New???

Well there are a few things...
I am an avid cook, some times I have have hits and some times I have misses...I am hoping more hits than misses! BUT as some of you know it is hard to come up with meals 3 times a day that:
Satisfy the family
Is wholesome
fun to make and eat
and of course the best is to hear the kids say mmmmm, yummy and eat with out the scowl, complaining and the FIGHT and to know what they are eating is good for them! I made a spaghetti the other night using just tomato sauce and Epicure's Bolognese Seasoning...I was out of veggies so I thought this would be a great time to try this seasoning...well to my shock the kids actually said 'this is really good, can I have this tomorrow, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so good' etc. At first I was like 'okay okay, quit sucking up' but they ate it all up and the next day Jacie ate it again for supper (she is like me and typically doesn't like leftovers). Only then did I truly believe she liked it! HAHA
So I am going to make an extra effort in preparing the best meals I can for my family and have decided to order "A Healthier You, feel better in just 28 days" through Epicure Selections. I have become a consultant through Epicure Selections because I loved their spices and have bought them over and over again for over 5 years. So I finally joined the company. I should get package/order in about 3 business days and then I am going to start journaling the recipes etc and give my honest opinion about this new journey I am doing with the family. This is NOT a diet, it is a better way to eat with great spices, seasonings, with little to no sodium, pure ingredients...which I am diet for me. Here is a link to the brochure for more information...
Also, here is my Facebook Group to keep updated on specials, promotions, etc
We went camping this past weekend, with friends, and had a great time. We had great weather and camped right along the Sheep River...there truly is nothing better for the kids than camping and being in the outdoors! Jacie caught her first fish all by herself. Dennis typically catches the fish and lets the kids reel it in, but this time she did it all on her own. I grabbed the camera and took pictures! We were so excited for her.

Danika and Kael had their first bath together and thought they were so cute! I can't believe how big our babies are getting. She cut 4 teeth all at the same time and all in all was in good spirits. She is a great addition to the family and a joy to have. Kael is still FULL of energy but has such a great personality. He makes me laugh. He is sure talking up a storm these days and learns new words each day. My fav thing he says right now is 'bike ride' because it sounds so cute. He is now 22 months, Danika is 9 months.
Another thing that is new is that I am going to get us on a budget. To get a better grasp on that I have taped many episodes of Till Debt do us Part...and have a financial planner coming to our house on Wed. night. I hope to have things in place and know what I am doing by Sept 15th.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm back...

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted anything. I have only scrapped one layout in that time and then let it sit on my desk (where it still is) and didn't even have the strength to take a picture of it and enter it into the challenge it was for. I think I was just down right depressed and in a serious threw some curve balls at me and they hit me hard. I stayed down a long time but I am starting to get back up now!

First I had my surgery which went well and I am fully recovered from (Thank God)! I have made my appointment to go in for the results, but I feel no news is good news! Then, I had both my grandpa's pass away within 6 weeks of each other, so we had two trips to my home town of Moose Jaw...and the on going of people in our lives getting divorced...I am not sure how divorce is affecting people in your lives, but for us it has been the year of divorces. It just seems friends and family are throwing in the towel and moving on. Most of them have caught us off guard and I guess I let that affect me too much as well...even people I don't know like Jon and Kate Plus 8! I mean really, why let it affect me?! I just think it is all around sad and makes me question things. I take things so personal and it gets me down. The hardest for me is Den's sister and her husband are also lined up to get a sucks as it is hardest to tell the kids. Jacie is understanding it more and more these days as it seems I am always having to tell her 'so and so' aren't together anymore.

Top all this off with Dennis working like a mad man, as usual, which I can't fault him for at all, but makes me feel like a single mom is just too much...if it takes him working this much to maintain this house and our lifestyle then it isn't worth it! So we will need to sit down and have a chat about what we need to sucks as I have made a great friend here and the kids are settled in and it is a great place for the kids, but something needs to change here as I don't want us drifting apart (as I still like him!) :)

These pictures are from our camping holiday we took this year in the Golden area. We hook up with his mom every year camping and we all had a great time.

So this is the is a new day...I am going to dust myself off and start living again...happily-dammit!