Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not very motivated today

to do much of anything-except scrapp! Considering Danika had her first ever 12 hour sleep (I got 6) I should be more than rested, but I am not!! At least not today. *YAWN*
I have been wanting to scrapp this picture for a long time and had such a hard time coming up with a title...so there it sat...until I saw the challenge on the Dream Girls Challenge Blog. They wanted you to use a movie quote, along with chipboard and jounaling. I love how it turned out, but I am not liking the way the layouts look after I crop them, etc. They use to come out bright and clear and now I can hardly read the journaling and they look dull. I may have to get out the tripod and work some magic, as the lighting or something is off...
Well I am excited for American Idol tonight! Love that show! I am rooting for Danny, Matt, Chris and of course ADAM! The girls don't come close to these boys!
Anyway, steak, sauteed mushrooms, onions, corn and baked beans tonight for supper! YUM-O!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A good day

was had by all today. It was a beautiful day-especially in the morning and we spent it outside pulling weeds and doing up some yard work. After the weed pulling, I chatted with the neighbours and the kids played all around. Kael was in his glory as he is an outdoor boy and loved playing with his ride-em toys and bouncing/kicking the ball around. I love chatting it up with our neighbours and getting in some adult time! Around 1pm we headed into the city have lunch at Quizno's, take a load to the dump, and then we went to Canadian Tire. On the way to the city, Den got a speeding ticket going 108 in an 80 zone. Ugh! I just finished telling him we were in no hurry and to enjoy our leisurely Sunday afternoon...$166 later we were on the road again. Geesh! So I had to rub it in that I have never gotten a ticket EVER and I am 34 years old-yes I am quite proud-and Den responded by saying that I am boring! HA! That made me laugh. When I mentioned it later he put his hand to his mouth and pretended to yawn (once again to let me know I am boring)! :) Oh well, at least we have humour, as it could have wrecked our day!
After we fed the kids supper and got Kael and Danika to bed we finished watching Harry Potter. We started last night but had to stop it as it is 2.5 hours long. The show isn't my cup of tea, but the kids liked it. A few scary parts for them, but all in all it was a hit. Friday night the kids and I watched Bedtime stories with Adam Sandler. It was really good. I highly recommend that one.
I did this layout for two challenges...one was for Letters to Scrap by...theirs was to use the colour orange...I love the colour orange and have Glimmermist in Tiger Lily and another shade of orange...I used the Tiger Lily in the top left side of the page and the other shade on the white paper where I mounted the 3 pictures. The other one was a sketch challenge at Pencil Lines. I love that sketch site. Everything is from the Created with Paper kit except the solid orange 12x12 paper, the stamps, buttons and white paint. I used the rub-ons on the buttons-which I have never done before.
Well I am going to finish my night by watching some TV.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another busy week

around here. Wednesday I met with my doctor and got the go ahead for surgery to get this dermoid cyst off...actually the Dr. is going to take out the whole left ovary and be done with it. At first he wanted to observe it, send me for ultrasounds every 3 months to see if it grows, etc. Ugh no, that is too much work and hassle. It would eventually have to come out one day down the road and just knowing this thing is inside and growing creeps me out. So thankfully when I said lets just take it out, he was more than fine with that!

Thursday Jacie had her two upper teeth (beside her adult front ones) pulled and I had a cleaning. Frick cleanings suck. I swear they should do that to prisoners to get confessions out of them. They would talk in 5 seconds flat! Oh and Jacie did so good with getting her teeth pulled. She really is a trooper! Of course what kept her going was the thought of what the Tooth fairy was going to bring her. Once again she did not fail! :)

I will be doing an overhaul today on the inside of the house with a friend of mine. I seemed to have let the house get the best of me and I am needing some help getting back to where I come in and be relaxed...not stressed out! I can't wait. I will take before and after pictures...

I did this layout for a GutterGirlz challenge. I have never scrapped without a picture before! It is almost like a big journaling page. I am longing for getting a journal to do this kind of thoughts in, but have yet to go hunting for one that would work...maybe Amazon might have one? Any suggestions out there?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Been a busy few weeks

around here. I have been having battles with Jacie again...well when did it ever stop!? After 5 years of butting heads it gets old fast and I feel exhausted and miserable. This isn't the way I envisioned motherhood. Do you ever think back to how you thought you would be as a mother? I think about that all the time and boy are things different to what I had thought up in my mind. I had such unrealistic expectations and if I could go back to when Jacie was born I would change a lot of things. One of them would be to have NO expectations and to realize a lot of stuff that she went through (biting, temper tantrums, etc) was normal part of growing up and that she wasn't this beast of a child. I think back to when she was little and how I always treated her older than she was because she was so big for her age...so again, for some reason, I expected more out of her. What a burden I gave to her and frankly I feel a lot of guilt for it. I wish I could go back and reclaim those times and start over. I say over and over again 'tomorrow is a new day, and things will be different' but they aren't. It isn't fun to fight with your child and I am sick of it. Thankfully camping season is here and we can get outside and be together as a whole family. I love those times!

On April 1st my grandpa passed away. He was 87 years old and he was in an old age home. His quality of life wasn't there for some time and sometimes I'd think 'why does God keep him around and people like him around when it seems there is no quality of life?' but I soon came to realize that we don't have all the answers and to have faith that things happen for a reason. My grandpa had 11 brothers and sisters in his family and one of his brothers had a son Mike (who we never met-not even my mom). Mike saw my grandpa's obituary in the paper and gave my mom a call. He said he wanted to come to the viewing and that it is about time we get our families reconnected. After the viewing he joined us for lunch where my mom and him talked about stories and got updates about the rest of that side of the family. Mike is such a nice guy and we immediately bonded with him and were so thankfully that he did reach out to us. A few days later it hit me...maybe Mike wouldn't have been ready to reconnect with us if grandpa was taken any sooner and that God took him when He knew Mike was ready to reach out to us. We don't know the 'why's of the world but I take comfort in that thought.

This is a layout that I was working on before we left for Moose Jaw. I missed the challenge dead line, but oh well. Maybe it will qualify for a different challenge down the road. While we were in Moose Jaw we went swimming, bowling and had a lot of fun under the circumstances. I am so glad we all went. We even did a casual family picture...it turned out really well! Yes I am in my PJ's! I was hoping the front row would have covered that part up...oh well!