Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the countdown

till all the activities are over and the family starts to arrive. I am so excited for it all to happen. The older kids are super excited and can't wait for the big day. I need to go to Walmart one more time and Costco for the food and then I should be all done! WOOHOO! Yesterday was Jacie's Christmas concert. Her class played the recorder and the song was 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'. She had been practicing all week and sounded pretty good. If she takes after me she'll join band and love it. Jacie is in the dark pink shirt behind the girl with the long blonde hair.
This layout is of Travis learning to ride his dirtbike. This was last year, as he didn't get even get on it this year. I am glad for that! I think they are too young for it. I used my handwriting plus rub-ons to journal some thoughts. I also embossed some gear stamps which is hard to see but noticeable once you know they are there. This layout was just done from my brain, as I am caught up with the Sketches blog.

I just love this picture of Jacie and the papers are awesome. I just added some rub-ons, butterfly stamp, stickers, and glimmermisted the chipboard bird. As simple as this one is I just love the way it turned out.

Here is another layout of Jacie when she was just about 3. I ripped a page out of a dictionary that had 'happy' on it and gesso-ed and painted over the words I didn't need.
Tonight is Travis' Christmas concert. Should be very cute as it is his very first one in Kindergarten.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Super cold out

and I am sure I am part bear as I don't want to go out in this weather at all. I am fine staying at doesn't bother me at all...I think it is also partly because of Kael and Danika. It's just too cold for them and feel why put them through the freezing temps if I don't have to. Danika and Kael both have runny noses and not feeling 100%. Thankfully today Danika is getting better and Kael is in day 2 of the glazed face...Dani got it first.

One great thing about the weather is I have been scrapping more and more and oh I just love it. LUV IT!
This layout is of Travis learning how to ride a two wheeler. He was 4. I made those 2 flowers out of paper and used Glimmermist on the chipboard flower. I just love that is my fav right now! Here is Travis at his 4th birthday. It was such a great day and it was just with us. Jacie was 6, Kael was 9 months old and I was 4 months pregnant with Danika. We went to Okotoks, had lunch outside and spent the day at the river. It was one of my favourite birthdays to this date. I did the negative 4 in two spots on this layout. One is obvious...
Here is Jacie when she was almost 4 and Travis at around 1 1/2. I love his facial expression in the bottom picture. It makes me laugh. This layout is jammed packed full of stuff. I laid a stencil on top of the layout and used Stickles to add some dimension. Hopefully you can see all the details.
Tonight I met up with the ladies and we went to a jewelry/purse/scarf/glove party. It is so great to be apart of peoples want to feel needed, wanted, and to feel that you will be missed if you aren't there. I want to have an impact in people's lives-for the better-and hope that I leave a mark where ever I go. I want to really give myself to people and not hold back. That is my New Years Resolution! To give more of myself to my friends, to my family, strangers, etc. Yes strangers-you know when you are at the grocery store and your standing in line and somehow there you are chatting it up to someone waiting in line, the cashier, etc. People need people and even though I am part bear and like to hibernate, I need to make more of an effort to get involved and get out there.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today is a sad day

because one week ago Dennis' step-brother had a massive heart attack and died. He was in his upper 40's and taken too young. He was a son, brother, husband, father and grandpa. They are all going to need a ton of support to get through this! Dennis flew out to Kelowna for the funeral today and will be back tomorrow. RIP Dean! No one knows God's plan and why things happen, but we have to trust Him even in dark times. This quote sums it up better "Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark." My heart goes out to them all.

On a lighter note I finished my girlie girl page on Danika. I hid some journaling under the white lace. It reads after the title (girlie girl?...'Time will tell, secretly I am hoping so, but if you like cars and animals, instead of dollies (like Jacie) that's OK too!

Supper is going to be a kid favourite since Dennis is not dogs in buns, with mac n cheese! Have you ever had Superstore version of KD? It is in a white and blue box and it is so good. Luv it!
We watched Up on Sunday night as the kids didn't have school. It is a really good movie. The kids and I howled in parts. Another movie that is a fav of ours is Journey to the Center of the Earth...with Brendan Fraser.
Before I go, to those who watch Grey's Anatomy what the heck is up with them having their Christmas show two weeks ago!! That is an outrage! Puh-shaw! Just had to get that off my chest!
Gotta go, the kids are playing Guitar Hero right now and I am off to make supper. Take care.