Sunday, September 27, 2009

1st Annual Block Party

was on Sat and was a lot of fun. The kids had a bike parade which was very cute and then we mingled and when it was time for supper, I help grill up the burgers and hot dogs-which by the way I thouroughly enjoyed. Brought me back to my McDonald days! Then I ate some great food...don't think though in the back of my mind I wasn't thinking 'please let the people who made the salad use good hygene practices when making this'!! lol Those of you who know me know that I am a bit of a freak when it comes to germs and other people touching things I am going to be putting in my mouth!! BUT I sucked it up and ate lots. *shudder* LOL

Today we went to church and then came home, had lunch and watched Transformers 2. We were all excited to watch it as we didn't get to finish it yesterday because of the block party. It was good and finally nice to watch a movie again with the whole family. It has been a long time!

The budget is going great! I love it! For those who aren't on one, I highly, highly recommend it! It is wonderful. This week is going to be tight because the kids had their teeth cleaned (Jacie and Travis) and it came to $220-which I didn't save up for as we just started this budget, so instead of living on $380 for the week, we will live on $160! We can do it! eek...I am planning out our weeks worth of when I go get some groceries I will just get what we need for the meals. So far on the list is Beef Stew (which I already have all the ingredients for) and Easy Cheeseburger Pie (again, I have all the ingredients for), so far so good!

Danika is fully crawling now and trying to pull herself up. She is babbling lots and I swear she is spitting out words. She is 10 months old now. She is eating her baby food way better and of course still loves her mush. I need to get another highchair that sits on our regular chairs...I am having a hard time finding the green Fisher Price one that I have already...I will have to phone around as the one they replaced it with at Walmart is crap looking compared to this one. GRRR

Danika is also on her last can of formula!! WOOHOO! I have been making her bottles this past week with 2/3 formula and 1/3 milk. Sometime this week or next I will make it half and half. This is to get them use to the flavour of milk and so far it is going good. I have tried just giving her milk before when we were out doing errands and she was fussing and she didn't like it straight up...

I think I am going to actually make a scrapbook it has been months since I have touched any of my scrappy stuff. I hope to get my mojo back and get back to it. Wish me luck and a burst of energy...boy has it been a busy month!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


is finally here. We went camping last weekend and although we had fun there was too many wasps and it made it really unbearable to be outside. I got stung and Travis got stung in the hand. He is such a tough kid...he yelled owe, but never cried and never came running over to me. He just kept on playing with the kids. We were camping up in a mountain and boy did it get cold at night. Sunday morning we woke up to rain which then turned into heavy wet sleet. Here is Kael playing out in it...

Kael also went on his first dirtbike ride with Dennis...he loved it!

This week I have been a single mom as Den is working up in Crossfield. He leaves early and comes home We haven't ate as a family since Sunday and it is taking its toll. Tonight I think he is going riding, so that is another family time lost. Grrrrr

Thankfully I have helpers to keep the house in order. :)

Anyway I have been busy going through the kids clothes and taking the small stuff to the consignment store. I toook in a full rubbermaid on Tuesday. Travis was low on pants, so I picked up 2 pairs while I was there. I love our consignment store and they know my well. :)

Danika is fully crawling now and is doing a upside down V with her body. She is trying to pull herself up now which is quite funny to watch. She looks so little still which I love. I want to just take it all in as she is our last and they grow up so fast!

Last night I made chicken fajitas for supper. I love that supper. Too bad my avocado's to make the Guac dip were not ready (and I think one was bad) I had to just use sour cream...not near as good, but still so good.

Monday, September 14, 2009


was yelled when Dennis walked into the house on Sat afternoon. His real birthday isn't till Dec, but I wanted to have the party while the weather is still nice out and this way he wouldn't suspect anything. He is turning 40 this year! Old fart! Just under 30 people came in and out throughout the day/night and it went so well. We have such great friends and family and they sure made Den's party a great time!
The next day we gathered with our neighbours/good friends and lawn chairs and relaxed all afternoon with them. Den fell asleep with his party hat on and we couldn't resist the urge and had to take a picture of him! LOL

The weekend before this we went to my dad's 60th birthday party and ripped it up with my family. We had such a great time and it is sure nice to party and get the whole family and all their friends together for a festive time. What a concept to gather all the family together for a happy occasion then just at funerals. We need to have more gatherings, it was sooooo much fun.
At the party I got up and roasted my dad. I was scared out of my mind and was SO nervous, but so glad I did it. My mom got a picture of me up there...
After all the speeches were done we danced the night away. Here is a picture of our 2 oldest kids hugging grandpa while he was cutting his cake. They just love him! He is such a good grandpa.

Tonight I met with my ladies for our monthly stamping club. Again good times...I got real tired near the end though, but it was so good to go and get out of the house with out the kidlets. I can't believe I am still up...Den is snoring on the other couch.
On that note I need to get to bed!! Be safe, Lori