Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary

to us. We celebrated our 11 year anniversary on March 12th and Dennis gave me the best card ever and on top of that he got me a necklace with a cross on it. I have been wanting one of those for so long. He really shocked me as usually it is just a card (which is totally fine by me). I didn't get him anything...oops. I booked a sitter though and on Sat night we went to the Keg for supper. It was so nice to go and have a hot meal and a few drinks by ourselves. The waitress was going to sit us away from the fire and Den spoke up and said could we have the table right in front of the fire...he was reading my mind!! After supper we met our friends for a movie - The Green Zone. It is full of action and was a good movie. I would give it 8/10. I love going to the movies and it was good to be there with friends.

I have been slacking in the scrapbooking/art department lately as I have been busy around the house. Even though you can't tell as with 4 kids, nothing stays put for long. But at least I know what I am doing and that is all that matters. This layout is of Travis and Jacie when they went to the Calgary Stampede with my parents. I love Travis' face as he was not sure about those crows. Mom had told me about it, but when I saw the picture I knew exactly what he was feeling.

This layout is of Jacie when we were living in the first rental house and I just love it. She is just doing her thing (can't remember what she was doing) and she has no idea I am behind her taking this picture. I love these kind of pictures. This rental house was nasty too. The only thing that saved us was it had a great backyard and because it was spring/summer while we lived there we spent it all outside. I shudder when I think of this rental!

Here is my little girl looking out the window in our house. She is growing up so fast...and then there is trouble (Kael).
He is so full of life this one. He got into my ink pads and markers and had a great time covering up with them. I was busy doing something else when he came down the stairs and showed me his hands. He was so proud. I put him in the tub right away and it all came off except the marker on the forehead. That lasted a few days! :)
You can see we are in the process of patching up our walls (in the picture with Kael). I will get to that story another time!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The sun was out

last week and we enjoyed every ounce of it. Kael was never so happy, as he loves being outside, and he was just thrilled. I set up the lounge chairs on the driveway and watched the kids play. The neighbours would come out as well and our kids would play together while we had some adult time. I already have a slight sunglasses tan...even after I put sunscreen on. Go figure. Then Monday came and it is cool out again, but while the sun was here I took advantage of it.
This layout was done from the Sketches blog. I added cardboard to it to give it some texture. Dennis buried the kids in snow while he was snow blowing the drive way...If you look close behind Travis you can see the neighbours driveway and how much snow we had. The kids loved that!

This is an art journal page that I did for myself, so I didn't put it in the kids art journal book. Instead I made it on a 12x12 page. I look forward to the prompts on the blog A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. It is good to get out the thoughts and feelings I have and it is a healthy way to do it.
Last Tuesday I started a group exercise class. Tuesday is Xtreme kicks, Wednesday is a circuit of weights, Thursday is spinning and weights and Friday is Xtreme kicks again. Last week I went Tues, Wed, and Thursday. I loathe spinning, but did try it...I think I lasted 2 minutes and went back to weights for the rest of the class. Let me tell you it took me Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday to recover. It took all my strength on Friday and Saturday to roll over in bed, to do the stairs in the house, to squat down to go to the bathroom, etc. Sun was a bit better and Monday I was pretty much back to normal. This week I am only going Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Spinning sucks! For those that can actually do it, I tip my hat off to you!