Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The sun was out

last week and we enjoyed every ounce of it. Kael was never so happy, as he loves being outside, and he was just thrilled. I set up the lounge chairs on the driveway and watched the kids play. The neighbours would come out as well and our kids would play together while we had some adult time. I already have a slight sunglasses tan...even after I put sunscreen on. Go figure. Then Monday came and it is cool out again, but while the sun was here I took advantage of it.
This layout was done from the Sketches blog. I added cardboard to it to give it some texture. Dennis buried the kids in snow while he was snow blowing the drive way...If you look close behind Travis you can see the neighbours driveway and how much snow we had. The kids loved that!

This is an art journal page that I did for myself, so I didn't put it in the kids art journal book. Instead I made it on a 12x12 page. I look forward to the prompts on the blog A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. It is good to get out the thoughts and feelings I have and it is a healthy way to do it.
Last Tuesday I started a group exercise class. Tuesday is Xtreme kicks, Wednesday is a circuit of weights, Thursday is spinning and weights and Friday is Xtreme kicks again. Last week I went Tues, Wed, and Thursday. I loathe spinning, but did try it...I think I lasted 2 minutes and went back to weights for the rest of the class. Let me tell you it took me Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday to recover. It took all my strength on Friday and Saturday to roll over in bed, to do the stairs in the house, to squat down to go to the bathroom, etc. Sun was a bit better and Monday I was pretty much back to normal. This week I am only going Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Spinning sucks! For those that can actually do it, I tip my hat off to you!

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  1. Great projects Lori, I just love that art journal page!! I know what you mean about the excercise thing. WHen I first started my bootcamp (every Monday) I was sore for 5 days and could barely lower myself onto the toilet!!! Don't give up because it gets much better I promise!!