Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yeehaw to

summer weather arriving! What a difference it makes. Camping, the sun warming your skin, kids playing outside, chatting outside with the all makes me feel human again. I bought a 3 kid slip N slide from Walmart yesterday and it lasted 3 minutes before it got a I will have to take it back today and get a one kid one. I think it would be more durable than the 3 kid one. It is too bad, as it was a good idea...
I did this layout for a challenge over at How Much is Too was a tough challenge but I really enjoyed it. I used everything from Just Cre8 May kit except 'bennett' 'family'. It is great to get back in my scrap room. I admit I have been in a funk lately and just didn't have the energy to go down stairs and scrapp. I would rather read, watch tv, be on the computer...which is really weird for me.

I brought up my, now filled up, binder of my layouts for Dennis to look at. He thinks will be so good for the kids when they get older and I think he really appreciates what I do now and sees it more than just a hobby of mine...which makes me happy.

For supper we had soft taco's which we haven't had in a long time but man are they yum-o! Kael inhaled them and the big kids were made to eat them. They liked them too...after the initial shock of it. KIDS!! HA After the 2 little ones went to bed we tried to watch Harry Potter 2 last night (with Jacieand Travis) but the disc was scratched up and froze up too much to watch it..of course this all happened an hour into the movie...just when you get into it! Oh well...we'll have to rent it sometime to finish it, as we haven't seen it before. I would like to have a movie night with Dennis tonight...but we'll see. Tonight is steak, mushrooms and potatoes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sitting here relaxing

while Kael and Danika are sleeping. I am ready for a nap as well, but I wanted to post Travis' birthday cards I made this morning...they are very simple but I wanted to get them done. Travis' birthday is in July but I am thinking of having his 'friends' birthday in June so it is easier to hand out invitations and also the kids are still around...but we'll see.
Last night it was our monthly Stampin' Up! get together...all the gals were all able to attend and it was great to see everybody. The kids had soccer last night as well, so I got Dennis to take Kael with them and I took Danika with me. After I got home and put Danika to bed I watched the Jon and Kate Plus 8 premier and Prison Break finale (and final show as they are off air now). I stayed up way too late but I wanted to watch those shows. It is amazing the difference between Jon and Kate since the finale to the premier! I am sad that they are only together for the mouth dropped a few times and I feel so sad for them. I hope they can find their way back to one another. Prison Break is over and it was one I watched faithfully, but it was over the top...and pretty unrealistic, but I still watched it. The way they ended it was a jaw dropper as well and can't believe they ended it the way they did...I can't decide if it was brilliant (from a writers perspective) or a rip-off (because I like happy endings).
Tonight is steak, shrooms, onions, and pasta & sauce for supper...can hardly wait! I am starving already...
ps. we watched Body of Lies with Leonardo and Russell Crowe sometime last was a really good show.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blessed all around

to have a husband that loves me, children that are healthy, friends to call, a house to live in, a beautiful day to enjoy, freedom to make decisions, etc...I just had to say those things as sometimes I can go through a day and forget what it is all about. So yeehaw and thanks be to God for all that He provides for us! Hmmm did I make any of you out there uncomfortable with that last statement???

Okay, so last night I started a layout based on a challenge over at DesignX, where they want you to write about something you miss...well this one was SO easy for me and it felt great to journal my feelings...although I don't like my hand writing, I wrote it anyway. Everything, except the black and white flower page and key stamp is from JustCre8 May 2009 kit. I also used a sketch from the Pencil Lines Blog for my inspiration. Love both those blogs! While I was working on that the kids did their own project and I am so happy that Jacie decided to do her very first 'real' scrapbook page. I am not sure if you can read her writing but it is SOOO funny and very cute. I am proud of her and hope she keeps it up. Travis did a page as well, but it was on printing...which is just fine by me! We spent over 1.5 hours together in the craft room...just the three of was time very well spent!
Here is Danika today...can you believe she is 6 months old already!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have hit a road block

but will get back into my scrapp room real soon. I have been quite tired lately and have gotten into reading, so my scrapping has come to a screaming hault! Also, the finale's for the TV shows are either here or are over, so that has kept me out of my scrap room. But I will get back to it asap!!

My name was picked over at GutterGirlz blog and I won some scrapp supplies!! S-weet! I will post the goodies when it arrives in the mail. I feel so honoured when I get picked, as I honestly never expect it...even on random draws. I never take it for granted!

This past long weekend we went camping with a bunch of friends. We had a real good time. I loved spending time at the 'pond' with Kael and the kids while they sat and threw rocks in it. It was time well spent with our friends and family. Thankfully the weather was really nice as well.

Monday night Den and I watched the movie Valkyrie with Tom Cruise. We thought it was really good. It is based on a true story too...which I love. It has been so long since we have been able to watch a movie together...which I really miss, as we love to watch movies.

Tonight we are going to watch the American Idol Finale! I hope Adam wins! I wish the finale would have been between Danny and Adam, instead of Adam and Kris. I LOVE Danny and was sad to see him go!

I am making Shake and Bake pork chops for supper with pasta and sauce and peas for supper...yum-o!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feels so good to get

a layout done. I did this for How Much is Too Much challenge, One Little Word plus it fit into Just Cre8's monthly challenge...except on the latter I had to hand draw the 2 as you can only use what is in their monthly kit to qualify. After I took the picture I stuck a foam 2 over what I hand drew and took this picture. It is so dreary and it is pouring out, so once again this isn't the best picture...the journaling is hard to see so I took a closer up picture of it so it is readable.

I am going to start another challenge soon, as I truly missed scrapping and feels good to get back at it. I also started another book called The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen. This is like book 6 or so in the series...I enjoy this series...then again I love books with the same characters in each book. Feels real and that you get to know them (even though it is fiction!) :)

Well Dennis is out riding this afternoon and I am going to make a picnic supper for the kids and they are going to go and watch Spiderwick Chronicles -which is what we watched for Family movie night last Friday...Den said no to Marley and Me! HA

I am looking forward to Biggest Loser-Couples tonight. I will PVR Idol and we will watch both episodes tomorrow as Den and I watch it is one of the few shows we like together.
Jacie and Travis had soccer last night. I only got pictures of Jacie as Travis played out of town and we had to split up so she would get to her practice on time. Jacie, Danika and I walked to the field and Den, Travis and Kael met us there after Travis' game. It got cold and Danika started fussing so I left a bit early and walked home with her. We all got home at the same time.

A person wrote this on Facebook in their status and got a good chuckle over it... So and So thinks that her imaginary friends are making fun of her...but it's okay...I'm giving them the silent treatment until they apologize.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The saga ended

this afternoon...just finished book #4 (of the Twilight series) this afternoon and I am sad it is over. For those who have only seen the movie...the book is WAY better. Of course Robert Pattinson (Edward) was Yum-O, but the movie left out way too much details...well now at least I can get into my scrap room.

This is me with all my packages from our trip to Whitefish! Love that we can shop with no kids saying 'I'm bored', 'Can we go now', etc. We ate when we wanted, slept in, shopped till we literally dropped...another great time was had.
This is me and my Edward bookmark! I looked at it every night before bed! HAHA
This is the contents of our fridge...alcohol, pop, chocolate and milk...our 4 basic food groups! HA
We got our sod down Friday night as the rain in the forecast scared us. We had some soggy spots from the rain the previous days, but hopefully it all takes without sink holes! As we got started our wonderful neighbours came out to help us. They just came over and went to work without even being asked!! What great people eh?!! We are pretty stiff and sore today and Den's back is shot hopefully he recovers fast. He is tilted to one side when he walks and swears every couple of steps...
We are having movie night with Jacie and Travis...I think we are going to watch Marley and Me...not too sure yet.
Hope your weekend is going great!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twilight has consumed

my life. I started the first book out of 4 last week and now I am half way done book #4. LOVE IT! For all you that have read it, I love Edward! Sorry Jacob, but I have to stand by MY Edward. He is so madly in love with Bella and the way he honestly worships her makes my heart happy!

Last Thursday evening the gals and I (6 of us in total) left for Whitefish, Montana. We took two vehicles, as us ladies know how to shop and there is no way that all of us, plus our luggage, bags and new purchases would ever fit into one vehicle. This is our first years photo when there was only 4 of us!! I will post current pictures when I get them!! We came home Sunday and my nail marks are left all over at the border as they had to drag me back across! It wasn't long enough, as it was very nice to get away and hang with friends!
Well I don't have much to post as I haven't scrapped anything since I started the Twilight Saga!! I need to get back in the scrapp room soon, as I do miss it!!