Sunday, November 29, 2009

Danika is now 1

and we celebrated just with the family. She had her first ever cake and she really enjoyed it. I like this picture of all the kids blowing out her one candle and Danika looking all concerned. :)
Do you like my new do? Jacie and I went and got our hair cuts earlier in the day with Colleen, who did a fab job. It was fun to have a girls day together. We went to DQ for lunch afterwards and then did a bit of Christmas shopping then home to spend the rest of the day with the family. Danika is crawling and standing up while holding on to things, but no where near walking which is just fine by me. I am in no hurry for that.
Here in Langdon we have an awesome consignment store. I am getting so cheap that I won't even buy anything unless it is on sale! They had a pink and blue tag sale which was any of those 2 colours the clothes were $2 each. So I got the snow suit and the other 3 items for $8.40! What a great deal!

Dennis got home safe and sound from his injuries, so that is good. Before he was gone till just about 3 days ago I was sleeping on the couch downstairs to a never ending cough that was worse at night. It was brutal. It is so good to be back in my bed again!

I got some layouts done all from the Blog Sketches. That site rules.

This is when Jacie was 2 (almost 3) years old. I don't like the blue around the paper so I painted it and tried to cut some of it off to make it better. I am working on a layout with Danika and I. It is all pink and lady like...I am hoping to have one daughter that is a girly-girl and that is what the layout is going to say.
Well it is movie night with the kids...we are going to watch Up.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


till Sunday as Den and (I say this with love) his loser friends have gone to BC to go dirt biking. They plan a trip 2 times a year. What-evah, I say. Two times a year? What is wrong with that picture. I get away one time a year with the ladies (although I spend the same amount on one trip that he spends on both-but that is not the point!) AND this time they left a day early too, so that gets him 7 days away this year...hmmm I get 3...we will have words when he gets home, me thinks!
Before he left, on Tues, Danika was possessed by a demon. I got her up from her night time sleep around 6ish and she was livid. Her hands were flailing, scratching, arching her back...right pissed off. I was like who the hell are you? So I said 'what-evah' and got some bottle in her and put her back to bed. She was also running a fever. I was going to go on the treadmill, but just as I was going to put on my shoes I heard her through the monitor and thought okay, she will be happy now...nope..the demon was still in her. So I loaded up her and Kael and off to the walk-in clinic we go. That sounds easy but they we were all in our jammies and trying to get a possessed baby changed and dressed is not for the faint of heart. Anyway we made it to the walk-in clinic -which I can't figure out why they call it 'walk-in' as you always wait at least a half of an hour just to get in the room, then you got to wait some more! It should be called 'if your lucky you'll be out within an hour'. I know it is too long of a name, but at least people will know what to expect!

So Danika ended up having a double ear infection and I am happy to say the demon has left my baby and she is back to her happy self. Yeehaw! Her fever is gone now as well. She is such a little thing...we weighed her and she came out at 8.96 kilos which is just under 20 pounds. She is by far our smallest baby (she'll be a year on Nov 21st).
I made a recipe called Sweet N Sassy meatballs on Monday. They were really good (I served it with rice). The big kids didn't like it at all, but the babies loved it. If I was to make this again I would make the meatballs smaller and serve them with toothpicks for appy's. I won't be making this again as a meal. Too me the meatballs tasted great, but didn't make a great meal for us.

I was able to scrap a layout using a sketch over at Pencil Lines. This is of my dad and Travis going down a slide at the Calgary Stampede this year. I am glad to finally scrap pictures of the kids with their grandparents. I have another layout almost done...I am just letting my eyes rest from it and will judge it tomorrow to see if it is good the way it is.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oct 31st was a busy day

that first started with Jacie's 8th birthday party with her friends. She had 5 friends over from 11am-2pm. They had fun. Of course Jacie was just thrilled to get this kitty cat from her best friend Paige. Jacie loves stuffies. She named it Orangie...I know very original. She got some money from her Granny and a Walmart gift card from one of her friends, so yesterday we went to Walmart (just her and I) and she bought herself a DS game called Petz Horses. She loves animals and I am glad for that.
Okay back to the 31st...after supper, around 6pm we headed out the door, with our good friends, for Halloween fun. Travis was Batman, Jacie was a witch, and Kael was an orangatang. Danika was bundled nice and warm in the stroller. Travis lasted longer than he did last year (which doesn't mean much as he did 1/2 a block last year). Kael was on fire.., until he crapped his pants (around 7:30pm) and Dennis took him and the baby home for bed. Then I was pulling Travis in the wagon and Jacie was working the houses. It was quite chilly out that night and we finally quit around 8:30pm. Then as a tradition we dump all the good in one big pile and separate it into chips, chocolate, candy and yucky. Jacie seemed in a mood that night...not sure what the problem was, but hopefully they all had a good memorable Halloween.
This past week has been cold central here but I'll take it over what else is going around. So far the little ones are worse off as they aren't old enough to get 'blow your nose,' so it just runs down their face. The old saying glazed donut comes to mind! :)
On Friday it was my birthday, so we ordered in Pizza from a new pizza joint here in town and it was good. We ordered WAY too much in regards to sizing. Who knew a 16" pizza is SO big and we ordered 2 plus a 10" cheese for the kids (it was only $4.99 for the 10"). We have been eating ever since...Dennis says he is so sick of it and had so much that he is going to crap out a pizza pocket! HAHAHAHA

Last night I met the ladies for supper and it was so good. The food, the drinks, the get out and enjoy ourselves sans kids and hubbies was well needed! I love these times. After the supper we went to a movie called 'The Box'. Well to put it nicely it is 2 hours of my life gone. The movie was so weird, boring, bad music, so poorly done. It isn't even a renter. Don't waste your time! This is our second dud movie with the group...our luck has to change!!

I finally finished this layout a few days ago. Seemed time wasn't on my side to just work on it or I chose quiet time to snuggle with Travis and chill.
I had planned to have chicken fajitas for supper, but haven't gone out to get the chicken...we'll see.