Friday, April 9, 2010

The past few weeks

have been busy. We had Den's mom fly in for a quick visit, which was great to have her, but the little kids were sick and to top it off our main sink wasn't draining and was backed up. So I felt bad for his mom as the kids were grumpy and Den was busy for almost 2 days trying to fix it. Thankfully he did get it fixed without calling a plumber, but it sure ate up the time Doreen was here. When she comes back in June (for my Whitefish trip) I hope it goes a lot better! :)
Two weeks ago we went to Black Rock, just north of Cochrane and spent the afternoon there. Dennis wanted to go for a quick ride and while he was gone the kids and I played at the river. Nothing beats rocks, sand and water! We packed a cooler full of buns, pop, milk, turkey luncheon meat, wieners, etc. Thankfully we had the turkey, as we weren't sure if we were allowed to have an open fire to roast weenies, so we didn't. We sure were craving it though! Here is Dennis taking off for his ride. He ended up going for just under an hour. He sure liked that I snapped a picture of him.

When we left to come back home Travis, Danika and Kael all fell asleep in the back of the truck. Amazing how fresh air can wear the kids out! :)

Kael now climbs in and out of his crib and being that Danika is in the same room as him, he likes to load up her crib with books, toys and whatever else is around. She is so easy going that she just is like s-weet. I had to get this picture as it is funny, but can't let him know that or he will be constantly doing it.

Here are a few layouts that I have completed. I have been out of my scrap room for over a week and probably won't get back into it for the rest of April. My parents are set to roll in on Wednesday from Arizona. They have been gone for almost 6 months! Time sure flies. They are busy closing up their place there and heading here to see the kids and of course look after them while Den and I go away for 9 days to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! I can't believe we leave a week on Sat! Yippeee!

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  1. You have the best pics ever on here Lori!! Love the one of Dennis on the bike and the crib one is just priceless!!!! I am envious of you and your trip. I can hardly wait until we get into our last house and can finally think about something like this!! Enjoy your time together!!